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Foundation: 1985

BVS Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry that has initiated its activities in 1985, Ankara has become one of the leading companies of the sector with the strength and trust received from our esteemed customers and has deserved the right position in Turkish industry.

Our industry love started in a small workshop and has converted into indisputably the largest company in Turkish Crane sector by production facilities having 400 employees, 37.000 square meters indoor area, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir sales offices, domestic and international dealerships, common after sale service network and the cooperation made with the world brands relating to sector.


We are proud of not only with our machineries being operated at all points within Turkey but also with the ability to export our machineries to the countries such as Turkish Republics such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Romania, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Portugal, Romania, Peru, Djibouti, Mauretania, Sudan, Morocco, Georgia and United States of America. Our machineries are still being operated in more than 80 countries. 

Products: Travelling Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Process Cranes, Lifting Groups, Jib Cranes, Special Manufacturing, Crane Equipment

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