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Foundation: 1985

The company was established in 1985 with the title Cetin Bolt, and in 2019 the company changed its name and received the title Civtec Bolt.  Our company is engaged in domestic and international marketing activities of screws, bolts, studs and other fasteners in 15.000m2 indoor area. The company has a monthly sales capacity of 4,000 tons with approximately 130 employees. The company is one of the leaders in the fasteners sector in the domestic market with its stock capacity of about 20,000 tons.


Our company markets its products, both domestic and international, as well as its own production companies, with Cetin brand, Kraft and Stark brands in the foreign market.

Products: Bolt, Nuts, Screws, Anchors, Threaded Rods, Stainless Stell (INOX), Washer, Rivet and Rivet Nuts, Other Fasteners

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