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HAN elevator constantly updates itself to meet the needs of our age, developing all kinds of solutions to people's transportation needs. With its professional service approach, specialized staff and "zero problem" policy, it carries out all the relocation processes. He aims to deliver the items he has entrusted to his new address without the slightest scratch, thinking of them as his own.

Time is one of the most important criteria of Han Asansör's understanding of quality. It aims to end the relocation processes, which span days and sometimes weeks, within hours, and return to the usual flow of life as soon as possible.

HAN elevator is a company that is aware of the need to make technological investments as well as the expert staff for a perfect transportation service. With its fleet of state-of-the-art technological tools, it has the equipment to respond to every need. Whether it's house-to-House Transportation, factory transportation, precision piano transportation, all transportation processes are equipped with appropriate equipment and accumulation.

Products: Balance chain and accessories, Bumpers and accessories, Brakes, Rope Bottles, Balance chain and accessories, Skates, Flexibile Wedges, Oil cans, Quotes, Rope Holder, Lirpomplar, Cabin Locking Mechanism

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