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Foundation: 1996

In 1985, Fazlı Okursoy started selling Steel Sheet and Profile. Since  1996, OKURSOY AS was established . The Chairman of the Board of Directors passes on to his son Izzet Okursoy and then Okursoy AS  start to manufacture production.

It has set a strategy that aims to create high efficiency, profitability and shareholder value. OKURSOY, which has continuously and unchanged its goal of creating added value for all of its stakeholders, carries out all its activities with the principles of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection at international standards. OKURSOY continues its journey, which started in 1985, with its growth strategy focused on development and efficiency.

Products: Pipe & Profile Laser Cutting, Sheet Laser Cutting, Cnc Pipe & Profile Bending, Sheet Bending, Machining-Milling-Turning Cnc Machines Park, Aluminium Welding, Steel & Stainless Welding, Robotics Cmt Advance, Production With Robot, Project Design, 3d Panel Fence, Painting & Powder Coating

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