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Foundation: 2006

Ankara based Panda Aluminium is one of Europe's leading flat rolled aluminium producers with its high quality production. Since 2006, as a part of Panda Group has been an important business partner providing reliable and sustainable services for high value-added industries such as packaging, durable consumer goods, automotive and cooling systems.


With employment of 250 staff in facility located in Ankara believing that while bringing innovations to sector, it can reach the development and goals of our country with R&D, Panda Aluminium; continues to develop different solutions for the needs of partners by allocating large amounts of resources to its research activities every year.

According to Turkish Exporters Assembly, statistics; Panda Aluminium is one of Turkey's biggest exporter firms in 1000.

Products: Packaging Sector; Flexible Packaging, Wrinkle Wall Food Container, Household Foil, Lid Foil, Blister Packaging, Hair Dresser Foil. Automotive Sector; Heat Shield, Automotive Finstock. Industrial; Multilayer / PPR Pipe, Isolation, Cable Wrap Foil, Filter, Semi Rigid / Flexible Pipe. Durable Consumption; Evaporator, Finstock

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