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Foundation: 1995

On August 1995, Prefi has been found by Mrs.Belma Yilmazyigit in Ankara. Prefi has been working on the behalf of construction companies, petroleum companies, mining companies, energy companies and esteemed governments special projects; from a simple mobile unit to three floored panelized buildings. Whether the climate is tundra or desert type, city center to terrorist area, Prefi has the capability to build up the whole city, new site area.


Prefi is your dedicated "Accomodational Camp Site Turn-key Builder" in even  desert or extreme tundra. CAD-CAM manufacturing for the best future value with galvanized strucrual steel and rockwool insulations incase of any flameability. conditions.

Products: Designing, Manufacturing and Mounting of TurnKey Camp Buildings, CAD-CAM manufacturing.

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