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Foundation: 2010

Our company strives to leave its mark in the construction, engineering, and construction materials sales sector with its successful works taking into account the policies of integrity, honesty, and stability since its establishment. TOSKA GROUP has been a candidate to become a sought-after company in the construction sector especially in the construction materials which are:

  • Suspended ceiling and carrier systems

  • Construction chemicals

  • Insulation group

  • Plaster group

sector which develops itself with its devoted and meticulous work thanks to its strong marketing network.

TOSKA GROUP which is the distributor of many manufacturers that shape the construction sector in Turkey has accomplished great works in the construction materials sales and application sector with these companies. Here, we aim to transfer our sales experience related to suspended ceiling and carrier systems, which we manufacture to other countries. In this regard, we can provide ceiling materials and application of them as a service provider. You can access our suspended ceiling and carrier systems catalog by clicking here.

We as a TOSKA GROUP continue our march with steps by adding value to our services day by day in line with our values such as customer orientation, mutual respect, transparency, trust, justice, sense of responsibility, competitiveness, and most importantly unconditional customer satisfaction. For more information related to construction materials please visit our website.

Products: Suspended Ceiling and Carrier Systems, Construction Chemicals, Insulation Group, Plaster Group

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