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Ankara Metal Products Exporters Association was established in 1993 and has more than 2000 members. The Association was formed with the aim of  increasing exports, enhancing professional solidarity, organizing the professional activities and relations of the exporters, finding solutions to their problems, and providing guidance. Coordinated by the Board of Directors consisting of 11 members, initiatives are taken and studies are conducted in order to seek solutions to the problems of the sector, thus making a contribution towards the competitiveness of the sector in the international markets.

In 2020, Turkey’s overall ferrous and non-ferrous metals exports accounted for 12,5 % of Turkey’s total exports. Turkey’s ferrous and non-ferrous metals exports amounted to 20,9 billion USD in the year 2020, according to the records of the Exporters’ Association.

Iron-steel sector is a strategic sector providing inputs to a myriad of industrial sectors. With its dynamic structure, Turkish steel sector exhibits an extremely successful performance in keeping pace with the developments emerging in the world export markets and in making good use of the opportunities, and makes great efforts to enter every market where steel is consumed.

Turkey is set to become an increasingly more active player in iron-steel sector across the world. Among the 10 largest steel producer with the 8th rank, Turkey's raw steel production of 33.7 million tons.

The amount of approximately 1.7% of world steel production is undertaken by Turkey.

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