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Foundation: 2017

As Aksay Energy, we provide services in engineering, projects, solar Energy, lihgting applications with solar Energy, all off-grid and on-grid systems. We take place among the turkish leading companies in the solar Energy by completing small, medium and large sclae solar power plant projects with quality and continuity in Turkey and Middle East. We also  offer turnkey projects in electricity generation with solar Energy by completing all the engineering and fesability studies in house with our expert staff who keeps up wıth the ever-changing and developing technology in solar energy.


As Aksay Energy, we have taken part in 134 projects of 92 customers in 7 countires of 3 continents of the world in 6 years by completing the isntallation of approximately 216.000 solar panels. Our references, chich are an indicator of trust in us, decide to continue with Aksay Energy in power increase projects or new projects.



With our stong stock infrastructure and our experienced teams consisting of our personal, we can energize the system in fields up to 1MW in 45 days. In projects for which the call letter application is ongoing, our investors can use the energy produced during the day for their own consumption, thus we aim to ensure the amortization of the investment in the shortest time.


We provide a 30 year factroy warranty for the panels, which we have completed with our own expert staff without a subcontractor, and a 5-year factory warranty for inverters, as well as an assembly warranty in Ground Mounted and Roof Type Solar projects.



Providing solution partnerships to the strongest retail Energy Sales companies in the sector, Aksay Energy also provides project solution partnerships to the companies and individuals in the energy sector as well as investors..

Products: Solar Construction

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