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Foundation: 2023

BOSON Steel was established in 2023 in Ankara with the vision to produce turnkey structural steel solutions, elevate the service quality in the industry, increase the share of steel structures in the construction sector, and achieve its commercial goals. Its experienced founding team and qualified staff have been involved in numerous projects such as bridges, skyscrapers, industrial facilities, power plants, airports, stadiums, etc., both in Turkey and worldwide. While providing fast, secure, high-quality, and economical solutions, BOSON Steel aims to surpass its previous achievements at every opportunity.

Products: INFRASTRUCTURE & INDUSTRIAL; Steel Bridges & Passenger Ways, Power Plants, Airports, Industrial Facilities COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL; High-Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Stadium & Sport Facilities MACHINERY; Mining Equipment, Moving Scaffolding Systems, Launching Girders  PROJECT WORKS; Structural Design, Workshop Drawings

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