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Foundation: 1997

Mitaş Fastener is a subsidiary of the Mitaş Group. Mitaş Fastener is one of the biggest producer and supplier of hot dip galvanized fasteners in Turkey, exports over 150 countries with a capacity of 30.000 tons/year in various types of quality and standards including CE certificated production. Mitaş Fastener has in-house quality laboratory and ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:201, ISO45001:2018, EN14399-1:2015, EN15048-1:2007 certification.


In addition to the above information, Mitaş Fastener is capable of producing cold forged parts up to M30X240, hot forged parts up to M72X500 and mechanical production parts up to M100X12000.


The hot dip galvanization process capacity is 4 tons/hour. Mitaş Fastener has an accredited laboratory(ıso-ıec 17025) and ability to manage high-quality parts with just-in-time production and on-time deliveries.


Mitaş Fastener serves Over-Head Transmission Line, Steel Structures (i.e. Bridges), Polygonal Towers, Telecommunication Towers, Automotive Industry, Renewable Energy, Wholesaler.

Products: Standard Bolts, Nuts ( DIN, ISO, BS, EN, ASTM), Threaded rods, Anti-theft bolt/nuts, HV Bolts/sets, SB Bolts/sets,Special products for Wind/Solar Energy and Automotive Sectors

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