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Foundation: 2000

Sayal Crane Systems is a company established in 2000 that carries out projects, manufacturing, installation and after-sales services for overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and lifting equipment.

Sayal Crane Systems has succeeded to be among the important companies of its sector with its qualified personnel, quality products and unconditional customer satisfaction. Our modern production facility with 8600 m2 closed area that consists of machining, lifting and travelling groups assembly lines, testing unit, furnace paint booth and steel construction-welding station.


Sayal Crane Systems, with its ongoing investments and R & D activities, produces safe and technological products; in this way, thanks to the technological innovations and advanced engineering studies, we continuously add value to our country and industry.


Some of our service areas and products are:


• Electric wire rope Hoists.

• Overhead traveling cranes.

• Gantry cranes.

• Jib cranes.

• Process cranes.

• End-carriages.

• Transfer carts.

• Special design lifting systems.

• Crane electrical panels and automation systems.

Products: Overhead travelling cranesGantry cranes

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