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Foundation: 1973

As ERMAKS ENGINEERING, with our half-century of knowledge and experience, we produce products related to fortification and installation in domestic and international underground and surface mines, highway and railway tunnels, with the motto 'SUCCESS DEPENDS ON THE DURABILITY OF THE SUPPORTED POINT'.
It also provides professional engineering, manufacturing and assembly services in the steel construction industry.

ERMAKS ENGINEERING; With a total of 200 blue collar and 50 white collar, dedicated and professional team, it always considers customer satisfaction and prioritizes quality.

ERMAKS ENGINEERING; With 6 factories in Turkey and 1 factory in Europe, with a total closed area of ​​15,000 square meters, it continues its path by signing successful projects at home and abroad with our solution partners who trust us.

ERMAKS ENGINEERING; With its trained and experienced personnel in its machining production facility, it produces high quality, low-cost products by using existing resources effectively and efficiently, developing new products. ERMAKS ENGINEERING; In addition, with its state-of-the-art machinery, it produces nut manufacturing, laser cutting-twisting, profile drilling and cutting processes, reducing the margin of error to zero.

ERMAKS ENGINEERING; It is a constantly developing and environmentally sensitive company that pays attention to the use of natural resources, separates its waste, complies with legal legislation and requirements, determines environmental goals and targets, creates environmental dimensions and impacts within the scope, and controls the environmental effects of the products after use.

Products: Tunnel Equipment, Mining Equipment, Nut Manufacturing, Machining

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