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Foundation: 2017

EVA Elektromekanik is established in 2017 on a solid foundation stemming from many years of accumulated experience to manufacture electrical distribution products with high reliability and quality that were previously tested in local and international laboratories. EVA Products include MV Switchgears, Concrete Substations, Metal Substations, Pre-Fabricated Substations, and Mobile Substations, MV compensation Systems, LV compensation Systems, and LV Distribution Panels. EVA facility is located in Kahramankazan, Ankara and it is made of an enclosed area of 4.000m² for LV Panels and MV Switchgears production, a partially enclosed area of 4.000m² for Concrete Substations production and stock area, an opened area of 5.000m² for Mobile and Metal Substaions production and an area of 1.000m² for warehousing and mechanical workshops. EVA has exported its products to more than 20 countries and that scale is growing in a paced manner. In addition, since 2017 EVA with its domestic capital and domestic production and by following the developing markets closely, is taking firm steps towards having an important position in the country’s industry and that by increasing its customer network through EVA Branded Substations and Switchgears.

Products: Medium Voltage Products

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